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Whatever happened to Peter Robinson ?

Peter Robinson has been one of my favorite industry professionals for many years, for not only is he talented, experienced, and fortunate, he enjoys a jolly good job offer and has made many of us employment agencies some delicious dollars. Not all of his career moves have been perfect, but then again, whose ever is ? Pete has thought most of his hair out since this picture was taken, but it’s still the editors favorite grin. He’s out there today hunting for you, and now has a senior role at Atos Australia. No, we hadn’t heard of them either.

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Whatever happened to Mic Henderson ?

Mic Henderson, well-known for his flair as a sales executive and thoroughly nice individual had been assimilated in the Borg Cube known as Cisco, where he advised all client sites that Resistance is Futile and you will have Cisco implanted in your bottom. He has recently moved to commvault as Enterprise Account Manager which is probably a Cloud thing to do. You know, I’ve looked at Clouds from both sides now, up and down, and still somehow….


Mic is ex Lan Systems, and Nortel, and can be found here.

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Whatever Happened to Ian White?

The much beloved, long-term Oracle employee Ian White as left the building, having resigned his post as, oh, whatever it was, the Emissary to the Australian Colonies and Asia-Pacific, Guardian of the Eastern Dark and Holder of the Light of Oracle in the Antipodes. Angling for the shot He is enjoying some time out…though you should call…maybe he could be tempted back to Western Australia ?

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Whatever Happened to Graham Mosdell?

Sadly, Graham Mosdell, one of the most cheerful and competent people in the history of Western Australia’s ICT history, has passed away after a well-fought battle with cancer. Moving on from Oracle after many years, most recently as manager, Graham Mosdell had been made the Perth manager of Google Enterprise. Previous to “Mozzie” being the manager of Oracle, it was a Pythonesque Autonomous Collective.

If, as a youngster, had you asked Graham who he would be working for, nobody would have guessed a Google, or a Yahoo!, or Whoop Whoop, unless you were working for the Ministry of Silly Walks. Congratulations Google, for being clever at selecting, and generously supporting Graham once diagnosed. I’m sure I join a chorus of industry folk wishing the family sincere condolences-Graham died within a cocoon of love with family and friends. 

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Whatever Happened to Andy Barnes ?

It’s hard to believe that Andy Barnes has spent the last eight years at Price Waterhouse Cooper. Not many of us recall Andy from the old days with Tandem, or indeed who Tandem was-maybe some recall Luceo Systems but nobody needs to know about the pharmaceutical rep gig. Andy is pictured on the right hand side, signing for the benefit of the aurally handicapped. In the middle is Mr David Magson MBE, and some bloke on the left. The event was an awareness seminar for air pollution from the Devlin Institute.

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Whatever happened to David Christie & Associates?

No, David Christie has not retired, died, sold, or has been bent, spindled, folded or mutilated.

DCA has been trading continuously since 1991, and now, downsized, trade as a boutique, elite but not elitist.

CareerCafé is a new name, entity, and the name is a new, fresh presence for a fresh outlook. CareerCafé now looks after fewer clients with more personalized attention, working now from a cafe near you-its less about resumes and more about risk mitigation; which is the ultimate goal of consulting, yes ?

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Whatever Happened To Brad Barker?


Peter Ustinov once famously quipped that “Assets are small female donkeys” but if you engage Brad Barker in a sober moment he may solve your restless sleep by droning on about asset management in addition to Maintenance, Production and General Mine Planning.

Brad has “an extensive background in bringing operational improvement through the application of systems and processes.” (web site)-see what I mean ? Mr. Barker has recently moved to Norton MC, alas, not on a motor bike, disappointingly enough, but now with more of a consulting flair than before. We miss Brad in Perth, but Brisbane has claimed him and his family for now, or until the next flood obliterates it again. You could do a lot worse than engagement with Brad-he knows his stuff and is a straight shooter.

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Whatever Happened to Bill Cox ?

Dragging the gutted remains of his old business back from the dead, Execom has killed many fat pigs, and now trades as an Employment Agency-hey but doesn’t the web site frighten the chooks ? Thankfully, not entirely due to the recent downturn in hiring, the Editor managed to drag Mr. Cox out for a game at the last gasp of Burswood Golf Course, which is now a construction site and will be for years to come. After that it will be a big pile of concrete. Progress, huh ?

Thankfully nobody was hurt in a recent fire at the offices of Execom, and all the data was recovered. Fore!

Bill bashing Burswood

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Whatever Happened to Simon Yates ?

Its orright I’m not at work

Perth lost a stalwart at Cognos Perth when Simon Yates  moved to Melbourne. IBM swallowed Cognos later on anyway, and now Simon is now the SAP Business Objects Sales Executive at Clarity Consulting on St Kilda road.  Shame really, I liked his jokes.  2013 saw a move to Tasmania but Simon is still commuting to work, and working from the home office. How very rural of us, Simon.

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Whatever happened to ComputerCorp?

Well CC was sold to some eastern state gentlemen who seemed to long for the beaches of Perth. They renamed it Synergy Plus, thus confusing the light out of all of us as their offices are just down the road from Synergy (Western Power’s disabled cousin Ruprecht). The word was the axe fell as the company was placed into administration in 2011.

Since that time it has clawed back into…mineral rights…which hasnt been quite as successful as they had hoped, from what the ASX chart indicates…sigh.

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