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Whatever happened to Change Corporation ?

Back in 2007 Change Corporation was bought by Darwin based CSG Corporation for approximately $26 million dollars. You see CSG got real giddy after winning some deals,especially that $30M deal with the NT Department of Education at the time. The word is that 2010 saw what was Change Corporation was really worth- a duck egg-ouch! Retrenchments and grim tidings followed.

Stick with it guys

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Whatever happened to Len Daw ?

Len Daw has been one of our more successful placements,having joined Beacon Technology in 2001 and managing to fit in quite well. He moved to Objective Corporation in 2009 but has been persuaded by the new executive at Beacon to come back to the future and rejoin the new collective. Do we get another fee ?

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Whatever Happened to Sybase?

Its taken some time for the European regulators to get their collective heads around SAP’s acquisition of Sybase. Sybase was invented in 1984 and was primarily designed as a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) for early adopters of the client/server architecture. Sybase acquired Powersoft in 1994, and through that PowerBuilder, a development tool quite popular with the Perth geek community. When Sybase launched its mobility subsidiary, Sybase iAnywhere, in 2000, SQL Anywhere became its flagship relational database management system (RDBMS) and helped the company to become the leader of the mobile database market.

This tweaked SAP’s interest, but it cost them US$6 billion to take them over.  “Mobility is the new desktop,” according to SAP’s Co-CEO Bill McDermott, and SAP’s SQL anywhere has them all very excited at the SAP mother ship. Assimilation is all but complete, stunning the Sybase clients with a web site designed to make you want to take the blue crayons away from the web designers.

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Whatever Happened to Simon Adams ?

They’re creepy and they’re spooky the Adams Family

Simon Adams (yes, the theme song keeps running through my head, too) has moved from extend TECHNOLOGIES to (gasp) Microsoft ! Simon is a top senior executive ex Fujitsu and SAP, and has found Microsoft not the evil empire he had anticipated. (The author suspects this is because they have micro chipped him under his armpit and given him the red pill.) His new title is “Account Manager” but were hoping to upgrade that soon with a new release, but it seems the North Cottesloe beach has maintained its charm and Simon isn’t going anywhere.

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Whatever happened to Jason Elliot ?

Jason Elliot is currently working for IBM as a Business Development person in the software section. (IBM are not certain what software means, but thats orrigt, innit, its ‘orted).

The Police are asking for any leads in finding the man pictured hiding in the crowd pictured center after some Christmas pud went missing at the last IBM Christmas party; which too went missing after the summer of 2010. (Either that or the author fell off the invite list!)

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Whatever Happened to CJ Halvorsen ?

I know what CJ stands forCJ Halvorsen moved to a firm called Infor  earlier in 2013 from SAP where he slew some fearful dragons. It claims to make “beautiful software  for every business process”, so we have posted a beautiful picture of CJ before he became old and manky. Apparently Infor acquired the highly successful and creative software firm Baan in 2006. It was so inventive back in its day much of their internal accounting creativity caused some havoc-so much so it was sold on a couple of times before being picked up by Infor. The company obviously hoping to give SAP a run for their money, which will be a challenge as it is now the standard for the mining community in Western Australia. March 2015, however, has seen the old bloke back at Oracle, as Guardian of the Western Dark, or GM, WA, SA and NT. We do not think this means he is Genetically Modified.

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Whatever happened to Peter Court?

Peter Court has established his own SAP Consultancy StepChange, and has established a very good reputation for SAP project integration, completions, and mop-ups. In more recent times he has made time for measured meetings on the green.

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Whatever Happened To David Hattrick?

IBM Song

The David on the left no longer looks the same, but the David on the right pretty much looks the same, at least to the author. Since introducing David Hattrick to the Perth IT scene way back then David has made his way to and through the ranks to Manager, WA, of Sun Microsystems, IBM, one or two more hops, and up until recently, Oracle. He has now joined the light side and is independently consulting.

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Whatever Happened To Danny Harwood?

Danny Harwood was GSS Operations Manager, ANZ for Sun, but was retained by Oracle because they thought he was funny. He still lives in Sydney, likes golf, walks in the park and beer. After being gleefully retrenched, he is now making love at Nextgen, stitching deals in the Big Smoke, but all to infrequently on the golf course.

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Whatever Happened To Nic Nuske?

Nic Nuske has moved on from IBM. Nic had moved up the IBM ranks since 1996 to become IBM’s e-commerce God for most of this half of the planet and has settled, alas, in Melbourne-Perth has been a little less sunny since he left. He had recently taken up a very interesting challenge at Australia Post, as General Manager, sales, but as of 2014 Nic has now joined the Light Side of the work force-Consulting! Nascent Design is now trading and advising to a number of clients in the Victorian landscape, but please do ask him for Perth work-he owes the author lunch. Call 0418 360 215 today!

Oh, PS-Nic Nuske is one of the most emotionally intelligent businessmen that the author has met, with a strategic outlook we just don’t see in this toxic patch we call Information Management. (Obviously it’s his shout at lunch next time we are in Melbourne).

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