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Whatever happened to Peter Robinson ?

Peter Robinson has been one of my favorite industry professionals for many years, for not only is he talented, experienced, and fortunate, he enjoys a jolly good job offer and has made many of us employment agencies some delicious dollars. Not all of his career moves have been perfect, but then again, whose ever is ? Pete has thought most of his hair out since this picture was taken, but it’s still the editors favorite grin. He’s out there today hunting for you, and now has a senior role at Atos Australia. No, we hadn’t heard of them either.

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The Search for Meaning

Let’s assume for a moment that you think of life as two major bits-the work bit and the home bit. The home bit is what it is, something we create in our lives to make babies, houses, and toys. The work bit is, for many people, the platform where we express who we are. Most of us actually define ourselves by our work-“I’m this sort of person because I’m an Engineer”, for example, so when we “look for a job” were not looking for just a job, especially if you have trained or indeed have once been in the lofty clouds of professional endeavour.

So why then do we, as soon as we commence the hunt for employ, start on the back foot with the intonation “I need a job.” when what we really mean is “I need meaning in my life.”?

Employers generally are not stupid. They are not going to give you a job where you may be unhappy, as you won’t last long, and then they are stuck again. Again, generally, they are in the best position to judge what happiness in this context is. So, here’s the thing-you’re probably not going to get a job that you really didn’t want anyway, and as a bonus your self-esteem will be savaged with the deal. So, what to do?

Step one-Define your immediate need-this may ideally be “meaningful” interviews. Face-to-face moments that string together with a possibly fateful bind of employ-that sort of meaning.

Step two-Describe how you are going to get there. Describe the type of employment that will give your life meaning in this context-oh, all right, “job” if you must. This takes courage, as there is need to deselect types of jobs you don’t want-remembering that even if you got one you probably would be unhappy.

Step Three-Construct an article to transport you to step one. This usually is a resume, but not always. There’s a lot of energy on resumes. Everyone is an expert, and they are all correct in their context, and usually employed, which backs up their credibility. Assessment of effectivity is negligible, as recruiters in 2014 have a diseased “reply” button. So what to do?

Use your best judgement given Step One. If you want your resume to be read, make it readable. If you want the reader to be compelled, make it compelling; a story, a minor legend if you will.

If they are looking to hire a drone then they will overlook the energetic resume; but if you’d like a drone job then you know the drill-make a boring resume, nab that job, go home, make babies and play with your toys.


More follows on the Energetic Resume.



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Whatever happened to Mic Henderson ?

Mic Henderson, well-known for his flair as a sales executive and thoroughly nice individual had been assimilated in the Borg Cube known as Cisco, where he advised all client sites that Resistance is Futile and you will have Cisco implanted in your bottom. He has recently moved to commvault as Enterprise Account Manager which is probably a Cloud thing to do. You know, I’ve looked at Clouds from both sides now, up and down, and still somehow….


Mic is ex Lan Systems, and Nortel, and can be found here.

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Whatever Happened to Ian White?

The much beloved, long-term Oracle employee Ian White as left the building, having resigned his post as, oh, whatever it was, the Emissary to the Australian Colonies and Asia-Pacific, Guardian of the Eastern Dark and Holder of the Light of Oracle in the Antipodes. Angling for the shot He is enjoying some time out…though you should call…maybe he could be tempted back to Western Australia ?

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Positions Vacant!

Several vacancies are open for several very clever, and very bad people who, though cunning in the ways of duplicity and exploiting job candidates in dreadful ways, were not clever enough when to know precisely the right time to pack up and leave. The time to pull out was long before October 2012.

A gang of fraudsters have been jailed for stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from job hunters using fake online adverts for companies in the UK including Harrods and Argos.
The group of five men and one woman included one of the UK’s first home-grown financial malware writers to be convicted for targeting banks, the National Crime Agency (NCA) said. They targeted people looking for work on internet sites such as Gumtree and posted bogus job adverts for reputable companies like Blue Arrow. They themselves called it the “Gumtree Fraud”.
Adjibola Akinlabi, 26, Damilare Oduwole, also 26, and Michael Awosile, 27, who all lived in South London, were each jailed for seven years. Malware writer Tyrone Ellis, 27, was jailed for four and a half years, while Temitope Araoye, 29, was given a two-year prison sentence. Nadine Windley, 26, who pleaded guilty to using her position as an employee of Santander bank to provide the gang with customer account data, was handed a two-year suspended sentence. Babatunde Akinlabi, 28, who previously pleaded guilty to a 2008 offence of fraud with his brother Adjibola (after they used illegally obtained bank details to obtain cash from online bank accounts) will also leave a vacancy.
Here’s some of the ways they managed the heist. The group targeted people looking for jobs. Locating what looked like reputable UK organizations, including Harrods, Securestore, and Argos, they posted job adverts, even apparently masquerading as a reputable Employment Agency, Blue Arrow-(amongst others), over what appears to be a number of years. Therein lies the mistake, as they came to the attention of the UK Police force, who combined intelligence to hunt and gather.
One of the technical tools the criminals used was HT-F41 – The Crossbill SpyEye Malware-a very naughty virus which started live as the ZeuS banking Trojan. The SpyEye toolkit is similar to Zeus in a lot of ways. It contains a builder module for creating the Trojan bot executable with config file and a Web control panel for command and control (C&C) of a bot net.
Applying online, the applicants were then asked to “fill in that application pack for further consideration.”-then the magic happens, via this nasty ass (or more correctly задница) program called SpyEye which uses a variety of tricks to stay hidden.

It can inject itself in DLLs, or dynamic link libraries — code libraries used by applications — that are legitimate-even deleting its own installation files! Once infected, users who clicked the job link inadvertently downloaded the computer malware which recorded their keystrokes, capturing their private financial and personal data, and transmitting it back to the criminal gang.
The fraudsters used personal data to telephone banks claiming to have lost their credit or debit card. They would request a new pin number and credit card, and then wait outside the victim’s address where they would intercept the postman before he delivered the letters, the NCA said (!)
They also defrauded the emergency cash systems of several banks by providing illegally obtained security passwords, at which point the bank issued them with a special code so they could obtain £60 from cash machines.-all very clever. Mobile phone and online chat records apparently showed the group had made more than £300,000 from their fraud, but officers believe this figure could be much higher – possibly more than £1million, maybe even an amount so embarrassing as to be almost surely censored, as the group were sprung late in 2012 after a long multi-agency hunt.
The idea has spawned some interesting copycat crime, according to the Australian Financial Review.
In Shanghai, China recently, fake job adverts, with fake jobs, fake addresses, and all purporting marvellous jobs with great companies are simply trolling for resumes, which are then on-sold!
One Australian executive working in human resources in China said recruiters used well-known foreign companies to lure high-achieving job applicants to websites. They could on-sell their database of resumes to companies in the industry concerned. (AFR) Fascinating?
So what can we do to prevent online fraud? Well, if a job looks too good to be true, it usually is. Use known recruiters, and known job boards. Stay aware-if the site looks dodgy do some further investigation. Use a post office or private box. Keep your antivirus up to date-and then some!
In the long run there is no certainty, no absolutes. Learn resilience. For example, monitor your bank accounts. Any money stolen is probably going to be returned by the bank-it’s what they do, but you must report the money stolen, and so on….all resilient strategies designed to ensure you bounce back in this uncertain world full of clever thieves who live in grey as well as dark worlds.

Bot Bird

Robots are Free






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Whatever Happened to Graham Mosdell?

Sadly, Graham Mosdell, one of the most cheerful and competent people in the history of Western Australia’s ICT history, has passed away after a well-fought battle with cancer. Moving on from Oracle after many years, most recently as manager, Graham Mosdell had been made the Perth manager of Google Enterprise. Previous to “Mozzie” being the manager of Oracle, it was a Pythonesque Autonomous Collective.

If, as a youngster, had you asked Graham who he would be working for, nobody would have guessed a Google, or a Yahoo!, or Whoop Whoop, unless you were working for the Ministry of Silly Walks. Congratulations Google, for being clever at selecting, and generously supporting Graham once diagnosed. I’m sure I join a chorus of industry folk wishing the family sincere condolences-Graham died within a cocoon of love with family and friends. 

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Who Are We ?

Who are we, Huawei?

Shenzhen, China was a bizarre dystopian town at the end of Hong Kong’s magic train line when I first visited it a decade or so ago. With the illusion of civilization suddenly shattered by two cruelly rude border guards who literally threw our passports to the ground, my partner and I entered mainland China for the first time, and whilst Hong Kong was, by then officially China, it was China Lite, like the Louis Vuitton version, and quite harmless….charming even.

Headquartered in this town, then rising out of the sludge with bamboo scaffolding, was a Telecommunications Company called Huawei. It’s huge, having taken over the leading role from Ericsson in 2012, which is amazing, considering it was founded in 1987 in Communist China. (Wikipedia)

They want in. Here. Big. NBN is, for them, a hot chick-very hot.

When NBN Co issued a media release on June 24, 2010, coincidentally the day Julia Gillard rolled Kevin Rudd as prime minister, announcing it had selected Alcatel-Lucent as its “initial” equipment supplier, Huawei was blindsided. The company’s Australian representatives say they had been led to believe they were a shoo-in to be appointed as one of the NBN Co’s two primary vendors in a multi-company model that maximised competitive pricing tension and product innovation. For the next 18 months, Huawei continued to believe it was still in the race. In late 2011 the company’s Australian chairman, John Lord, former Victorian premier, John Brumby, and Huawei’s chief spinner, Jeremy Mitchell, met with Julia Gillard’s chief of staff, Ben Hubbard.

In November 2011 President Barack Obama paid his first official visit to Australia. One conspiratorial month later the Attorney-General’s Department asked Huawei’s brass to come to Canberra. The Chinese telco thought it would be the news they had waited so long to hear. Instead, Lord and Mitchell were shocked when ­officials informed them they were being barred outright from involvement in the NBN, a message that was formalised in a letter months later. (AFR)

Much has been made by the CIA, where Huawei has been on the nose for pretty much ever, banned in the US, though not so in the UK, where the tech gear is right through the whole joint like the blue in blue vein cheese…which is what networks do, organically.

So what’s the problem? Well, it’s the spying bit. China has been caught with their pants down, multiple times, prying into all sort of places, which is bad. Stealing secrets, which is bad. So we hate China and love America, like Cisco, right? Home of the brave? The problem is really the ultimate Hubris-EVERYONE SPIES ON EVERYONE and always have. Can we trust the Chinese? Shit no! Can we trust the American Cisco folk, who are in bed with the Feds? Niente-we can trust no one, for their track records are, well, quite bad. Really bad.

It’s about risk mitigation then, and meeting and greeting the world’s best experts in rooting out the bugs from the system, like Kaspersky Labs. Sure, exclude Huawei if you have mission critical gear, and your research indicates, and merits, risk aversion, but don’t include the Americans, Israeli’s as a matter of course. Do your homework, build safeguards, resilience and build silos of data, but not shared human information. Eugene Kaspersky was reported to have relied to a similar question lately “IT business and IT security is a business of trust, only companies which are trusted can be suppliers of national products,” he answered, before saying companies that wanted to change their perception, needed to open their code and products for scrutiny.”

I believe him-the Russians have always been proud of their intelligence network, and made us work very hard for a living during the cold war.

Handy to Know

Talk to the Hand

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