The Moving finger Writes…

“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,

Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.” The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyam, 1859


In some obscure examination paper will be the question “who was Steve Jobs?” It’s unthinkable that a household name would be forgotten, but like all cabbages and kings, soon the younger set will have other modern heroes. Thank you Mr. Jobs, and I wish I could hope for your dynasty to remain as creative and attentive to the needs of your loyal fans, but I’m afraid the first cracks are starting to show.

The latest ios7 was released with bugs-none of which seemed to bother me, and have since been repaired…at least for now. It’s quite horrifying that the operating system passed Change Management control in the first place. What my beef is that this new layout constitutes what is in effect an entire new mobile phone. I didn’t sign up for that. Having bonded with my iPhone in ways that we are all too embarrassed to admit, Apple made my phone transform into something quite Alien, or maybe in this case, Android looking.

Now I’m looking at hours of familiarization with my new creature, and so far I like about a third of what I see. Also now it looks a lot like the other phone models some of my friends have, and they look cool.

Purchasing a Macbook was an even more disappointing buy-most of my commercial applications did not run on a Mac. I was stunned, and equally stunned to find very few alternatives being offered from the Mother ship.

Microsoft must be giggling along with the Samsung’s of the world who just got handed a free ride. Miss you Steve.



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Labour Force Update



Australia’s unemployment rate decreased 0.1 percentage points to 6.2% in August 2015 (seasonally adjusted) with:

  • the number of employed persons increasing by 17,400 to 11,775,800, and
  • the number of unemployed persons decreasing by 14,400 to 781,100,
  • the participation rate decreasing 0.1 percentage points to 65.0%.

The seasonally adjusted underemployment rate was unchanged at 8.4% in August 2015. Combined with the unemployment rate, the latest seasonally adjusted estimate of total labour force underutilisation was unchanged at 14.3% in August 2015. In trend terms, the underemployment rate was unchanged at 8.4% in August 2015 and total labour force underutilisation was unchanged at 14.3% from a revised May 2015.

In trend terms the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.2% in August 2015. The number of employed persons in August 2015 increased by 15,300 to 11,765,400 and the number of unemployed persons increased by 6,500 to 778,400 in trend terms. The trend participation rate increased 0.1 percentage points to 65.0% in August 2015.

The employment to population ratio, which expresses the number of employed persons as a percentage of the civilian population aged 15 years and over, was 61.0% in August 2015 (seasonally adjusted), unchanged from July 2015. In trend terms, the employment to population ratio increased less than 0.1 percentage points to 61.0%.

(Source Bureau of Statistics)

Make a Seat ?


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Oh; that’s just PERFECT!

There are perfect moments, like when you take the hand of your newly born child. Like your first kiss. Like the time you sit in your first car, purchased with your own hard-earned money. Your first house. During conservative times, like the one we are now emerging from, it made sense to curb the expenditure and all the enthusiasms around hiring. Emerging timidly from these constrictions, it makes sense too to hire well-selectively-cautiously-precisely!  In many areas the candidates could be plucked from a large pool of talent, making that “perfect” job fit more possible.

It’s time now to reconsider that strategy. 2014 is going to be a whopper, and you will need every capable hand at the helm. Don’t hesitate-if you see someone with vitality, credentials, and enthusiasm don’t stress on the technical history-they will come up to speed. Enthusiasm as an accelerant will fire your organization-snap them! Make the most of the next boom-you deserve it!

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Whatever Happened to Andy Barnes ?

It’s hard to believe that Andy Barnes has spent the last eight years at Price Waterhouse Cooper. Not many of us recall Andy from the old days with Tandem, or indeed who Tandem was-maybe some recall Luceo Systems but nobody needs to know about the pharmaceutical rep gig. Andy is pictured on the right hand side, signing for the benefit of the aurally handicapped. In the middle is Mr David Magson MBE, and some bloke on the left. The event was an awareness seminar for air pollution from the Devlin Institute.

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Financial Report

Australia’s unemployment rate decreased to 6.2 per cent in August 2015

Australia’s estimated seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August 2015 was 6.2 per cent, a decrease of 0.1 percentage points. In trend terms, the unemployment rate was unchanged at 6.2 per cent in August 2015, as announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).
The seasonally adjusted labour force participation rate decreased 0.1 percentage points to 65.0 per cent in the August 2015 estimate.
The ABS reported the number of people employed increased by 17,400 to 11,775,800 in August 2015 (seasonally adjusted). The increase in employment was driven by increases in male full-time employment, and female full-time and part-time employment, with the largest increase seen in full-time employment for males (up 10,100).
The seasonally adjusted number of people unemployed decreased by 14,400 to 781,100 in August 2015, the ABS reported, but the truth is that many have simply given up looking.
Overall, the outlook for employment is grim, has been for some time, but the good news is that its mostly on the mend from here!


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Whatever happened to David Christie & Associates?

No, David Christie has not retired, died, sold, or has been bent, spindled, folded or mutilated.

DCA has been trading continuously since 1991, and now, downsized, trade as a boutique, elite but not elitist.

CareerCafé is a new name, entity, and the name is a new, fresh presence for a fresh outlook. CareerCafé now looks after fewer clients with more personalized attention, working now from a cafe near you-its less about resumes and more about risk mitigation; which is the ultimate goal of consulting, yes ?

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Whatever Happened To Brad Barker?


Peter Ustinov once famously quipped that “Assets are small female donkeys” but if you engage Brad Barker in a sober moment he may solve your restless sleep by droning on about asset management in addition to Maintenance, Production and General Mine Planning.

Brad has “an extensive background in bringing operational improvement through the application of systems and processes.” (web site)-see what I mean ? Mr. Barker has recently moved to Norton MC, alas, not on a motor bike, disappointingly enough, but now with more of a consulting flair than before. We miss Brad in Perth, but Brisbane has claimed him and his family for now, or until the next flood obliterates it again. You could do a lot worse than engagement with Brad-he knows his stuff and is a straight shooter.

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Whatever Happened to Bill Cox ?

Dragging the gutted remains of his old business back from the dead, Execom has killed many fat pigs, and now trades as an Employment Agency-hey but doesn’t the web site frighten the chooks ? Thankfully, not entirely due to the recent downturn in hiring, the Editor managed to drag Mr. Cox out for a game at the last gasp of Burswood Golf Course, which is now a construction site and will be for years to come. After that it will be a big pile of concrete. Progress, huh ?

Thankfully nobody was hurt in a recent fire at the offices of Execom, and all the data was recovered. Fore!

Bill bashing Burswood

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YTOTW: September 2013

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Whatever Happened to Simon Yates ?

Its orright I’m not at work

Perth lost a stalwart at Cognos Perth when Simon Yates  moved to Melbourne. IBM swallowed Cognos later on anyway, and now Simon is now the SAP Business Objects Sales Executive at Clarity Consulting on St Kilda road.  Shame really, I liked his jokes.  2013 saw a move to Tasmania but Simon is still commuting to work, and working from the home office. How very rural of us, Simon.

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  • CareerCafé is always on the hunt for ICT (Information Technology & Computing) specialists.

    Equipped with a good resume, we can approach clients who have an “open” specification lodged with us as a requirement.

    All applications are treated with dignity, respect, and privacy.

    Please note: we cannot assist those without a full “work-ready” visa - not a holiday visa or a variant of a 457 – sorry!