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Contractors Forms
We have created electronic versions of our timesheet that you can print
out at your site and send to us if you run out of timesheet pads.
Download PDF (25kb)

Further Reading
Be sure to read the Consultant’s Exchange White Paper.
Download PDF (37 kb)

Ten Tips To Ensure You Get Paid On Time

  1. You need to submit both your timesheet and your invoice to CareerCafé to get paid.
  2. The timesheet and the corresponding invoice need to be received by mid-day Monday either by hand, by mail or by fax on 9321 6979.
  3. Your invoice should refer to “professional services rendered” or describe your duties, for example PC Support.
  4. Always write your name and business name on the timesheet. For example, David Jones trading as (T/A) David Jones and Associates.
  5. Include the name of the site where you have been working, for example ABC Company.
  6. The week commencing (W/C) date is the Monday you began working the hours to be paid.
  7. All timesheets must have both your signature and the client’s signature.
  8. Time periods should be completed using 24 hour format to the nearest 15 minutes. For example, 3:30 PM should appear as 1530.
  9. Total your hours correctly. A common error is to confuse minutes and decimals. Be consistent. For example, 0900 to 1245 is not 3.45 hours but 3.75 decimal hours.
  10. Ensure that you have given CareerCafé your correct bank details, and a bank generated deposit slip.

If you use these tips, your invoice should be paid prior to the Wednesday of each week.

  • CareerCafé is always on the hunt for ICT (Information Technology & Computing) specialists.

    Equipped with a good resume, we can approach clients who have an “open” specification lodged with us as a requirement.

    All applications are treated with dignity, respect, and privacy.

    Please note: we cannot assist those without a full “work-ready” visa - not a holiday visa or a variant of a 457 – sorry!