Terms & Conditions

Your acceptance of referrals from our company will constitute an agreement with these Terms & Conditions.

  • Employment Agent Licence Number 671
  • ABN 13 056 432 092


Our fee covers Job/Employee Specifications, any general classified advertising, screening, interviewing, reference checking, compiling a short list of suitable
applicants and delivery of detailed resumes for your perusal prior to the interviewing appointment by yourselves. This fee includes any STD or international
phone calls, facsimile transmissions and courier charges.

Display advertising, aptitude, psychological and skill testing and any other direct costs will be charged to the client following prior approval.

Remuneration Fee Guarantee Period
To $60,000 p.a 13%  (plus GST) 90 days
$80,000 and over 15% (plus GST) 90 days

Remuneration includes base salary, car (valued at $16,000 p.a.) and any other guaranteed component.


  • The appropriate fee will be invoiced after our successful applicant has commenced employment. GST will be charged in addition to all fees payable.
  • Terms are Fourteen (14) days.
  • When the invoice is paid within Fourteen (14) days, you are entitled to receive replacement candidates under our “Replacement Guarantee”. Accounts not settled within this period remain due and payable.
  • Should a client place a vacancy with David Christie & Associates and decide not to proceed with the job placement a service fee of 25% (plus GST) of the original charge is payable.
  • Any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred by the Consultant in recovering monies (including Debt Collection Agencies fees and Solicitors costs), shall be paid by the customer, providing that those fees do not exceed the scale charges as charged by the Debt Collection Agency and Solicitors.

Replacement Guarantee

Should a person appointed through David Christie & Associates prove unsuitable, or employment is terminated for whatever reason during the guarantee period, David Christie & Associates undertake, on an exclusive basis, to replace the employee at no additional charge. This guarantee is only valid when the invoice has been paid on time.

Contract Staff

Rates vary depending on skills required and are available upon application. Contract workers are paid by David Christie & Associates on a weekly basis. Our invoice terms are seven (7) days for contract staff.

Offer of Permanent Employment

Should one of David Christie & Associates‘ contract staff be appointed to your permanent staff, the full placement fee will be charged.

Should a David Christie & Associates referred applicant be offered employment within six (6) months of introduction, the full fee will be applicable.

The passing of a candidate to another employer which results in an engagement renders you liable to payment of our placement fees as this constitutes an introduction.

Should an engagement be terminated within the guarantee period and the candidate is subsequently re-engaged by you or any associate company within six (6) months from the date of termination a full placement fee is payable.


Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the suitability of candidates for interview. Every care is taken when David Christie & Associates carry out reference checks on behalf of our clients. However, David Christie & Associates does not verify or guarantee references concerning a candidate’s qualifications, integrity or health. No responsibility will be accepted for error, omission or incorrect conclusions and we do not accept liability for any loss, damage or cost of compensation in connection with an applicant introduced by David Christie & Associates.

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  • CareerCafé is always on the hunt for ICT (Information Technology & Computing) specialists.

    Equipped with a good resume, we can approach clients who have an “open” specification lodged with us as a requirement.

    All applications are treated with dignity, respect, and privacy.

    Please note: we cannot assist those without a full “work-ready” visa - not a holiday visa or a variant of a 457 – sorry!