Technical Staff

Once hidden behind the keyboard a programmer can disappear into an unprofitable fugue of keystrokes. A technical person can run around with a clipboard looking the part. A desktop support specialist can click on a mouse until it’s throttled.

They are not easy to spot.

CareerCafé can assist you with contract or career staff, and the assistance to vet them on a panel interview, as an internal consultant, or service provider. If you’re looking for some creative longer terms solution, talk to us about offshoring with our friends at Mitrais.

Please contact us to see how we can help you.

  • CareerCafé is always on the hunt for ICT (Information Technology & Computing) specialists.

    Equipped with a good resume, we can approach clients who have an “open” specification lodged with us as a requirement.

    All applications are treated with dignity, respect, and privacy.

    Please note: we cannot assist those without a full “work-ready” visa - not a holiday visa or a variant of a 457 – sorry!