The Search for Meaning

Let’s assume for a moment that you think of life as two major bits-the work bit and the home bit. The home bit is what it is, something we create in our lives to make babies, houses, and toys. The work bit is, for many people, the platform where we express who we are. Most of us actually define ourselves by our work-“I’m this sort of person because I’m an Engineer”, for example, so when we “look for a job” were not looking for just a job, especially if you have trained or indeed have once been in the lofty clouds of professional endeavour.

So why then do we, as soon as we commence the hunt for employ, start on the back foot with the intonation “I need a job.” when what we really mean is “I need meaning in my life.”?

Employers generally are not stupid. They are not going to give you a job where you may be unhappy, as you won’t last long, and then they are stuck again. Again, generally, they are in the best position to judge what happiness in this context is. So, here’s the thing-you’re probably not going to get a job that you really didn’t want anyway, and as a bonus your self-esteem will be savaged with the deal. So, what to do?

Step one-Define your immediate need-this may ideally be “meaningful” interviews. Face-to-face moments that string together with a possibly fateful bind of employ-that sort of meaning.

Step two-Describe how you are going to get there. Describe the type of employment that will give your life meaning in this context-oh, all right, “job” if you must. This takes courage, as there is need to deselect types of jobs you don’t want-remembering that even if you got one you probably would be unhappy.

Step Three-Construct an article to transport you to step one. This usually is a resume, but not always. There’s a lot of energy on resumes. Everyone is an expert, and they are all correct in their context, and usually employed, which backs up their credibility. Assessment of effectivity is negligible, as recruiters in 2014 have a diseased “reply” button. So what to do?

Use your best judgement given Step One. If you want your resume to be read, make it readable. If you want the reader to be compelled, make it compelling; a story, a minor legend if you will.

If they are looking to hire a drone then they will overlook the energetic resume; but if you’d like a drone job then you know the drill-make a boring resume, nab that job, go home, make babies and play with your toys.


More follows on the Energetic Resume.



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